Parker stelde zich deze vraag nadat hij deze wijn had geproeft. waarom honderden euro’s uitgeven aan Bordeaux wijnen terwijl men voor 50€ dit pareltje kunt vinden!!!!

Winemakers Bruwer Raats and Mzo Mvemve recently launched the latest vintage of the MR de Compostella and hosted a vertical tasting of all their vintages – from the maiden 2004 vintage to the newly released 2008 – during a three-course dinner at Dear Me in Cape Town.

A panel of top sommeliers and wine buyers and consultants with extensive international experience had the opportunity to taste this internationally acclaimed Bordeaux blend. According to the winemakers, it is always interesting to taste and compare the various vintages. “Although we always concentrate on great consistency in terms of the quality of our wines, each vintage does have unique characteristics. It’s always interesting to find out how the wines are holding up and pair with food and even more importantly to get direct feedback from wine connoisseurs.

” Wine consultant Gemma Smith described the wines as five glasses of awesomeness. “These wines are greater than the sum of their parts. You can taste the fact that each of the five components was made individually as serious varietals. The similarity is the consistent quality and mouth feel in each of the vintages. Perfect, pure, clean, beautifully ripe fruit and a flushness I have come to associate with MR de Compostella. It comes alive on your tongue and is definitely a special wine made by special friends – you can literally taste the love.

” Jaap Henk, head sommelier at Tokara in Stellenbosch describes the wines as “a progression of elegance starting with the 2004, exaggerated on the 2006, while balancing out on the 2007 and 2008 with pure finesse!

” According to sommelier Joerg Pfutzner, the latest vintage is once again on the money “Wine is an adventure and so is the MR de Compostella 2008.” “The Mvemve Raats de Compostella collectively through the vintages have a sense of regalness, completeness, a lack of nothing and a balance of all. A large, rich wealthy wine with manners and generosity,” explained Tessa Miles of fine wine brokers Wine Cellars. The maiden 2004 vintages still remains a firm favourite with Roland Peens, manager of The Wine Cellar in Observatory, delighting in its freshness, elegance, power and finesse. “In a South African context, it will outshine the rest.

2005 and 2006 show richness and much pleasure, while 2007 is fine and floral, as delicate as coral. But to finish it all, the 2008 is a legend in the making which will have nothing to measure it against!” Wine consultant Higgo Jacobs reckons that the MR de Compostella has achieved a benchmark expression not only for Cabernet Franc as a variety, but for Bordeaux blends as a category in South Africa. “The wines are somewhat geeky, demanding serious attention, but the balance, concentration, poise, power and elegance, culminating in the 2008 vintage, place it at an iconic status, which cannot be overlooked.” MJ Birch, head sommelier at Ellerman House, said it was an honour and a privilege to share this journey of the MR de Compostella. “With wines of such quality, it is hard to pick a favourite. This is a unique wine, made with passion by unique people and what a pleasure to be able to have this experience.” Foodie and writer David Cope concluded “The question isnt whether MR de Compostella is the top Bordeaux-style blend in South Africa, but which vintage of it is the best!” For more information, visit